Pre-Order Gemini AS-15TOGO - Portable Powered Bluetooth Loudspeaker

The 800lb gorilla of the TOGO series, the Gemini AS-15TOGO features a 500W (2,000W peak) Class AB high-efficiency amplifier pushing a 15" high-excursion woofer, and powerful 1.5" high-frequency compression driver. It has no problem filling any sized room with stunning, wall-shaking sound. But all that power is no fun if you can’t put it where you want it, so a long-lasting internal Lithium Ion battery is included, turning the AS-15TOGO into your own portable BOOM factory.

Plenty of Brains to Match All That Brawn

A remarkable integrated media player is the "brain" of the AS-15TOGO. It can play audio from USB and SD cards, along with Bluetooth®, and even FM radio which can provide local programming. It's easy-to-use and takes all the guesswork out of playing your music with its clear LCD display and simple operation: just load some music onto a USB stick, plug it in, then just let it handle the rest. Bluetooth pairing/streaming is just a simple button-push away. In additionall, you can even control your phone from the AS-15TOGO – so just keep it in your pocket or purse where it belongs.

Feature-Rich Professional Mixer Section

The AS-15TOGO comes with a complete mixer section on the back, so it's ready to go to work. No matter the equipment you may want to plug into it, if it makes sound, you're covered. Like to plug in a mic and guitar to perform at a beach party? All good. Need some echo on your voice? No worries. And whether you're adjusting the EQ to sweeten your sound, or boost your TV's audio for the big game, the AS-15TOGO delivers for you.


  • Peak Wattage: 2000W
  • Peak SPL (@1m): 108dB
  • Rated THD: 1%
  • Amplifier Type: Class AB
  • Frequency Range: 55Hz-18KHz
  • Frequency Driver: 15" with 1.5" Voice Coil
  • High Frequency Driver: 2.5" Compression Driver

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Gemini AS-15TOGO - Portable Powered Bluetooth Loudspeaker

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