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DMX Controllers

Brand: American DJ Model: WMX1
Offering a unique new hands-on interface for creative lighting control, the ADJ WMX1 is a powerful and compact standalone DMX controller. Designed for creating high-impact lightshows on the fly without a computer, it features an intuitive workflow, powerful internal FX engine, and tactile controls that make it easy for anyone to take control of a DMX lighting rig comprised of multiple fixture types.Setup of the WMX1 is quick and straightforward, with a menu interface on the 4.3” capacitive touch..
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Brand: Chauvet DJ Model: obey6
Obey™ 6 is a universal, compact controller ready to handle all the complexities of today's lighting fixtures. Capable of controlling up to 6 channels per fixture, the Obey™ 6 allows you to control effects by simultaneously operating each fixture in different playback modes, with variable fade times. Increase flexibility with playback options that include manual RGBAWUV, automated and sound-activated model. Increase control with adjustable audio sensitivity, strobe, and blackout effects. Feat..
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Brand: American DJ Model: UC3control
3 Switch Control Program, blackout, and strobe. Works with most products containing a 1/4" input (Ask your sales representatives for compatibility)...
Brand: Chauvet DJ Model: obey10
Obey 10 is a compact controller ready to handle all the complexities of today's lighting fixtures. Capable of controlling up to 8, 16-channel fixtures, the Obey 10 can store 6 sets of chases containing up to 999 scenes each. Flexibility was key in the design of the unit so CHAUVET included the ability to reverse sliders and re-assign channels as needed. Also offered is the ability to grab any fixture on the fly, and set up your fixture's movements to be beat activated or run automatically withou..
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Brand: Chauvet DJ Model: obey3
Obey™ 3 is a compact DMX controller for LED lights with three channels (red, green and blue only). Playback options include automated, sound-activated or manual RGB color mixing. The Obey™ 3 is a perfect controller for a lighting novice or someone who wants to easily control their LED washes. Features Compact DMX-512 controller for LED fixtures (3-channel mode only) Works with all 3-channel LED fixtures       Channel 1: red       Channel 2: green       Channel 3: blue ..
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Brand: Chauvet DJ Model: obey40
The Obey™ 40 is the next step up from the Obey™ 10, allowing for control of up to 12 fixtures at 16 channels each. With a slightly larger size comes a larger capacity: the Obey™ 40 has 30 banks on 8 scenes, or up to 240 scenes. The Obey™ 40 offers the flexibility of its little brother but also adds fog and strobe control and MIDI compatibility. CONTROL FEATURES Universal DMX-512 controller Controls up to 12 intelligent lights of up to 16 channels each 30 banks of 8 scene..
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Brand: Chauvet DJ Model: OBEY70
Bigger shows call for more accessibility and ease of programming. The Obey™ 70 bridges the gap between smaller rack mount controllers and massive control desks. 14 reversible faders and an assignable joystick allow for easy programming of up to 12, 32 channel fixtures. The Obey™ 70 can store up to 6 sets of chases containing 240 scenes on 384 total channels of control. Also at your fingertips are fog and strobe control as well as MIDI compatibility. FEATURES: Universal DMX-512 co..
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Brand: Martin Model: martin2504
The 2504 controller exists as two different versions: One that controls Martin Roboscan 805s and another that controls Martin Roboscan 812s. Both versions control up to 8 Roboscans individually, and even more (up to 32 Roboscans) may be connected by allowing several Roboscans share the same control address. Please note that all Sequences and Shows are programmed for 4 or 8 Roboscans, and additional Roboscans on the same address will all perform in exactly the same way. The 2504 controller lets y..
Brand: Martin Model: martin2510
This powerful yet small playback controller handles all Martin lighting products. By combining individual scenes into sequences, the 2510 allows you to build a comprehensive Martin lightshow with a minimum of effort. A standard serial input enables you to download lighting programs from the Martin LightJockey or ProScenium controller. The 2510 offers fully automatic operation and steps through memory sequences with no other prompting other than the internal clock or an external music signal...
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ADJ myDMX 3.0 DMX Controller and Software ADJ myDMX 3.0 DMX Controller and Software
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Brand: American DJ Model: ADJ-MYDMX3
myDMX 3.0 DMX Controller and Software from American DJ is a Windows and Mac OS X compatible multi-platform DMX control system featuring an extensive fixture profile library, 3D Visualizer, drag-and-drop effects generator, improved multi-pan and -tilt support, and a maintenance application that installs with the program to check for component updates or new versions of the software. Version 3.0 now offers the ability to arrange scenes into groups and play multiple scenes simultaneously, as well a..
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Daslight DVC GZM 1536-Channel DMX Interface Daslight DVC GZM 1536-Channel DMX Interface
Brand: Daslight Model: DVC-GZM
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