Gobo Lighting

Gobo Lighting
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Platinum Dual Laser and LED Projector with Remote Control

3 Light sources in total: 1 RGB LED projector that casts a variety of built in shapes and patterns, ..


Chauvet Intimidator Spot 110 Pre-Order

Chauvet Intimidator Spot 110

Chauvet Intimidator Spot 110Small but mighty, the compact Intimidator Spot 110 is a lightweight LED ..


OmniSistem Hypnotic HQI 2-3 Days

OmniSistem Hypnotic HQI

Color effect w/ fiber optics and changing colors. 6000 hr. lamp. ..


OmniSistem Advancer Graphic Gobo Light 2-3 Days

OmniSistem Advancer Graphic Gobo Light

34 beams with color, gobo change, sound activated. ..


OmniSistem Gobostar 2-3 Days

OmniSistem Gobostar

20 gobo projector, sound activated, manual focus. ..


OmniSistem Hypnotic 2-3 Days

OmniSistem Hypnotic

Lamp: 12v, 100w, 1500 hours ..


OmniSistem Logoscan 2-3 Days

OmniSistem Logoscan

Description: This fantastic scanner projects a multiple effect of designs combined with multi..


OmniSistem Planet 2-3 Days

OmniSistem Planet

Barrel effect, 11 dichroic colors + white + rainbow effect, 11 gobos, shutter/strobe, DMX. ..