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Brand: Eliminator Model: Stryker Beam
Suitable for installation in nightclubs and other entertainment venues, as well as for mobile use by production companies and entertainers, Eliminator Lighting’s Stryker Beam is a potent moving head beam fixture. It focuses the light from a powerful 100W LED light engine through high quality optics to create a razor-sharp output that will punch through background lighting to create piercing mid-air effects.The Stryker Beam offers fast, precise movement as well as a diverse collection of beam-sha..
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OmniSistem Century Color 2500L
Out Of Stock
Brand: Omnisistem Model: PR2001L
CYM colour mixer with DMX, Master/Slave...
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OmniSistem Design 150
Out Of Stock
Brand: Omnisistem Model: PR1150
CYM color mixer with crossfade effect, shutter/strobe, DMX, IP65...
OmniSistem Followspot Lancer 1200
Out Of Stock
Brand: Omnisistem Model: W1163L
With colorchanger, 7 colors + black-out, douser-focus-zoom...
Out Of Stock
OmniSistem Space Craft
Out Of Stock
Brand: Omnisistem Model: PR-2022H
Barrel effect, 8 color and gobo patterns + clear + blackout, shutter/strobe, DMX...
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