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Brand: Sennheiser Model: SE-E935
The Sennheiser E935 is a handheld cardioid vocal microphone with a tailored frequency response suitable for vocal and performance applications. The E935's cardioid design effectively rejects off axis noise and feedback while an integral hum compensation coil minimizes hum caused by electrical current, bad grounds etc. It's 40-16,000Hz frequency response is tailored for vocal use and the neodymium capsule withstands extreme sound pressure levels. The shock mounted capsule and rugged metal enclosu..
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Sennheiser E835 - Handheld Cardioid Vocal Microphone Sennheiser E835 - Handheld Cardioid Vocal Microphone
Brand: Sennheiser Model: SE-E835
Lead vocal stage mic, designed to perform under pressure. Uniform frequency pick-up pattern maintains signal quality when moving on and off axis during performance. Gentle presence boost to even tonal response ensures clarity and projection. Minimal proximity effect provides consistently clear bass and performance when singing closer to or farther from capsule.Industry leading 10 year warranty! All parts and labor covered. *Features:Dynamic cardioid microphone for speech and vocalsCuts through h..
Shure Beta 58A Microphone
Brand: Shure Model: beta58a
It is ideal for close–up vocals. The superb performance of this microphone is not affected by rough handling because of its rugged construction, proven shock mount system, and hardened steel mesh grille. Frequency response tailored for vocals, with brightened midrange and bass rolloff to control proximity effect Uniform supercardioid pattern for high gain before feedback and superior rejection of off–axis sound Neodymium magnet for high signal–to–noise output Hardened s..
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