Moving Mirror

Moving Mirror
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OmniSistem OmniScan HQI 150

High performance compact DMX scanner with new upgraded DMX electronics enable better performance wit..


OmniSistem Moon 2-3 Days

OmniSistem Moon

Flat mirror effect, 9 dichroic colors + white + rainbow effect, 7 rotating gobos, DMX...


OmniSistem Panda II Scanner 2-3 Days

OmniSistem Panda II Scanner

Flat mirror effect, 14 dichroic colors & gobos + white + rainbow effect, shutter/strobe, DMX. ..


OmniSistem Rebus 2-3 Days

OmniSistem Rebus

rces, projects a great quantity of highly coloured light beams, filling every corner of the room it’..