Power Supplies / Adapters

Power Supplies / Adapters

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Numark 9V 1.3A AC Adaptor

Replacement power supply for the Numark Mixers: iM1, DXM-01, DXM-01USB, DXM-03, DXM-06, DXM-09, ..


ADJ PC-4 Ships in 5-9 Days


4 Channels A/C Power Center designed to eliminate messy cables. 4 Lighted power switches on the fron..


Hosa PWC-143 IEC cable Ships in 5-9 Days

Hosa PWC-143 IEC cable

Hosa Grounded 3-Wire Power Cable (3 ft.). ..


Hosa PWC-425 IEC 25 14G

Hosa PWC-425 at a Glance AC Replacement Power Cord Black 25 ft   Th..


Hosa PWC-450 IEC 50 14G

Power Cord, IEC C13 to NE MA 5-15P Conductor: 14 AWG x 3 OFC Ampacity: 15 A Rating 12..


Korg Volca Power Supply

The Korg Volca Power Supply is a 9V, 1700mA power adapter specifically for your Korg Volca Series ..


Numark 10V 500MA Power Adapter

10V500MA AC power adapter for the following Numark Mixers: DM1000X DM 1001 DM1002X DM100..


Numark 12V 2.0 A Power Supply

12V 2.0A 24WATT OUTPUT Power Supply for the following: Numark NS6 Numark N4 Numark 4TRAK N..


Numark 9V 500MA AC Adaptor

Replacement power supply for the Numark DM950, DM950USB, M1 and M1USB mixers. Part# TF41023201U ..


Numark IDJ Power Supply 9V AC 2.8 A Out Of Stock

Roland PSA120S

The PSA-120S is the recommended power supply for products including all new BOSS Compact and ..