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All-in-One Systems

All-In-One Standalone DJ systems are a newer class of DJ equipment. In fact, there are currently only a small handful of these on the market! These combine the "2 decks and a mixer" layout of a standard DJ controller, but allow you to DJ anywhere without the need for computers or record crates. Instead of lugging your music collection around in the form of either heavy crates of vinyl or a laptop with all of your other important files on it, these systems allow for plug and play loading of media by way of USB thumb drives, SD cards, external, and even internal hard drives. If you wanted to, you could go without a music library entirely and use the system's onboard WiFi to connect a streaming music account(support for different services varies by hardware and software make & model, so make sure to do plenty of research!) and DJ with every track available on your platform of choice! 

Brand: Numark Model: Party Mix Live DJ
All-in-one Controller for Next-level DJ SetsThe Numark Party Mix Live is an easy-to-use DJ controller that makes it a breeze to connect to your laptop and perform your favorite songs. When you use the included Serato DJ software, you can use this 2-channel controller to create mind-blowing mixes — no matter your skill level. Each deck of the Party Mix Live has four performance pads with four customizable modes to let you trigger your favorite samples or create custom loops. The Party Mix Live ev..
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Model: Rane One
Designed with RANE’s trusted solid build quality, and globally respected pro-audio quality, the RANE ONE professional motorized DJ controller is a complete DJ solution designed around RANE’s intuitive performance layout. Proudly showcasing all the trusted hallmarks of RANE’s build quality and intricate DNA, the ONE continues RANE’s dedication to the foundations of the art of DJing in a digital world to a wider audience of DJs.The RANE ONE lands in a unique space in the current DJ market incorpor..
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