LED Lighting

LED Lighting
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Chauvet EZ Pin Pak Out Of Stock

Chauvet EZ Pin Pak

EZpin™ Pack bundles 6 EZpin™ IRC fixtures and 1 IRC-6 remote into an easily transportable VIP Gea..


Chauvet EZpar 64 RGBA Ships in 5-9 Days

Chauvet EZpar 64 RGBA

EZpar™ 64 RGBA is a battery-powered wash light designed to free the mobile entertainer from the h..


Chauvet Freedom Par Quad-4

Freedom™ Par Quad-4 is powerful, bright and, truly 100% wireless with a rechargeable battery an..


Chauvet Freedom Par Tri-6

Freedom™ Par Tri-6 is powerful, bright, and truly 100% wireless with a rechargeable battery ..


Chauvet LED Pinspot 2

The LED Pinspot™ 2 includes two front focal lens options to produce hard-edge beams for a variety ..


Chauvet Slim Beam Quad IRC

SlimBEAM™ Quad IRC is a versatile fixture that is not only ideal for accenting walls and other su..


Chauvet SlimPACK 56 Package

SlimPACK 56 bundles several popular products into an easily transportable VIP Gear Bag perfect for..


Chauvet SlimPAR 56 2-3 Days

Chauvet SlimPAR 56

The SlimPAR™ 56 is a traditional LED PAR can housed in a casing that is only two inches thick, wh..


Chauvet SlimPAR QUV12 USB

SlimPAR QUV 12 USB is a low-profile, high-output, quadcolor (RGB+UV) LED washlight that is D-Fi ..


Chauvet Swarm 5FX

For movement and colorful effects at any event, Swarm™ 5 FX is a 3-in-1 LED effect light that com..


Chauvet Wash FX

The Wash FX is a rugged, punchy wash light with 6 zones of control for pixel-mapping effects. Its u..


OmniSistem Chameleon Rainbow Effect 2-3 Days

OmniSistem Chameleon Rainbow Effect

8 Dichroic colors + white + rainbow effect, shutter/strobe, DMX...


OmniSistem DMX-LED Wash Light 2-3 Days

OmniSistem DMX-LED Wash Light

Features Built-in programs RGB color mixing Electronic dimming and strobe CONTROL: D..


OmniSistem DMX-LED Wash Tube 2-3 Days

OmniSistem DMX-LED Wash Tube

Perfect for window sills, doorways, bowling alleys and much more!..