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Rane AD 22S Audio Delay

The Rane AD 22S is a fully balanced two-input, two-output Audio Delay unit designed for multiple applications, including speaker array synchronization and precision audio-to-video alignment. With two distinct modes, the AD 22S offers the functionality of dedicated devices within a single rack uni..


Rane C4 Quad Compressor

C4 Quad Compressor Independent Compressor / Dynamic EQ / Limiter per channel. Relative-threshold Dynamic EQ remains calibrated for all levels. Auto mode for fast setup of Attack and Release. External side-chain with balanced / unbalanced 1/4" TRS input. Side-chain ..


Rane CP 52S Commercial Processor

The CP 52S is a versatile commercial preamplifier designed for use in restaurants, bars, health clubs and offices. The CP 52S serves one stereo Zone. One gated Paging Input and four stereo Program Inputs are provided. A Port allows expansion of Page, Program or Zone signals. Three levels of prior..


Rane CP 64S Commercial Processor

The versatility of the CP 64S allows a wide variety of system configurations while providing simple and intuitive controls. Two gated Paging Inputs capable of receiving mic or line level input are provided. Each features independent Mic/Line Pad, Gain Trim, detector Threshold, Zone Assign and..


Rane DEQ 60L Graphic Equalizer

DEQ 60 Graphic Equalizer Perfect-Q: What You See Is What You Get (no filter interaction) Proportional-Q: Classic smooth response Independent Accelerated-Slope 3-band full-cut tone controls Low-Cut and High-Cut filters Input and Output Level controls, each with 8-se..


Rane G4 Quad Gate Expanders

Quad Gate Expander Dynamics controls include: Gate / Expand / Duck Modes Look-ahead Gating Stereo Link Adjustable Threshold, Attack, Release, Hold, Depth and Ratio Gain Reduction / Gate meter Bypass Side-chain processing includes: Side-Chain..


Rane MA 3 Multichannel Amplifier

MA 3 Multichannel Amplifier Features 3 Independent Amplifiers 60W per Channel Continuous Average Power into 4Ω, 20-20k Hz 40W per Channel Continuous Average Power into 8Ω, 20-20k Hz Load Sensitive Dynamic Limiters and Headroom Meters SPiKe® Protection Circuitry..


Rane MA 4 Multichannel Amplifier

MA 4 Multichannel Amplifier Features Universal voltage, power-factor-corrected power supply Very low inrush current 100 watts x 4 channels in 1U chassis Built-in load monitoring Remote fault reporting and redundancy switching Optional 4 channel 70/100 volt transformers i..



The Rane ME 60S Stereo Constant-Q Equalizer is a two channel, 1/3-octave design, housed in a two rack-space unit. It features a Range switch for high slider resolution in the ±6 dB mode, equivalent resolution to 45 mm sliders found on larger models. The ±12 dB mode provides a wide range of contro..


Rane MLM 103 Mic/Line Mixer

The Rane MLM 103 Mic/Line mixer features six balanced, studio-grade microphone inputs and two balanced, stereo line-level inputs. The microphone preamplifiers feature direct outputs. These can monitor the signal ‘pre’ or ‘post’ the mix Level control via rear panel switches. Each microphone and ste..


Rane MLM 65 Mic/Line Mixer (3U)

The Rane MLM 65 Mic / Line Mixer is designed for easy manual mixing of up to 6 mic/line inputs and playback of one of several stereo audio sources, including modern USB audio and old school vinyl. Simultaneous digital audio recording of the manual mix to S/PDIF, TOSLINK and/or USB audio provides a f..


Rane MP2015 Rotary Knob Serato/Traktor DJ Mixer Rane MP2015 Rotary Knob Serato/Traktor DJ Mixer

The Rane MP2015 is a no-compromise music-mixing performance instrument. Control, sound, reliability and durability distinguish Rane’s new techno house club mixer for high-end audio systems. Born from a legacy of rotary club mixers beginning in 1971 with Rudy Bozak’s CMA-10-2DL, on to 1982..


Rane MP2016S Rotary Knob DJ Mixer

The MP 2016S is a rotary-controlled mixer featuring six Input Channels, Booth and House Outputs, Pre-Effects Tape Outputs, Post-Effects Tape Outputs with Level control, switchable Effects Loop, and Headphone Cueing. Input Channels 1 through 4 feature high quality RIAA phono preamplifiers which may..


Rane MP25 19 inch Club Mixer Rane MP25 19 inch Club Mixer

Meet the Rane mp25 mixer, satisfying the audio and ergonomic demands of performing DJs, in a 19˝ rack format preferred by nightclubs, with a compact 4U design that drops easily into a mobile rig. It's the same height as a classic Rane MM 8z, MP 24 or MP 22 series Mixer. Sporting two micr..


Rane MP26 Club Mixer

The Rane MP26 Mixer satisfies the audio and ergonomic demands of performing DJs in a 19 in. rack format preferred by nightclubs, with a shallow design that drops into a mobile rig. The MP25 (4U high) and MP26 (5U high) come from the same USB mixer design, with the the MP26 adding internal digital..


Rane NM 1 Network Mic Preamp

NM 1 is Power Over Ethernet (PoE). It is fully compliant with the IEEE 802.3af standard as a Powered Device (PD). This means it’s powered through the CAT 5 cable that connects it to an Ethernet switch. Of course, the Ethernet switch used must comply with the 802.3af standard as Power Supply Equipm..


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