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Akai MPK Mini Plus 37-key MIDI and CV Controller Keyboard

Akai MPK Mini Plus 37-key MIDI and CV Controller Keyboard
Akai MPK Mini Plus 37-key MIDI and CV Controller Keyboard
Akai MPK Mini Plus 37-key MIDI and CV Controller Keyboard
Akai MPK Mini Plus 37-key MIDI and CV Controller Keyboard
Akai MPK Mini Plus 37-key MIDI and CV Controller Keyboard
Akai MPK Mini Plus 37-key MIDI and CV Controller Keyboard
Akai MPK Mini Plus 37-key MIDI and CV Controller Keyboard

Musicians, producers, DJs, and other music creators looking for a compact yet full-featured keyboard controller for studio production and live performance will be impressed with the Akai Professional MPK Mini Plus, a keyboard controller with 37 velocity sensitive keys, utilizing a next-generation dynamic keybed for great playability. With advanced features like the integrated step/live sequencer, arpeggiator, dedicated transport controls, chord and scale mode, and real pitch-bend and modulation wheels, the MPK MINI PLUS offers endless creative possibilities. MPC Beats, a revolutionary DAW software based on the legendary MPC hardware, is included. The software also includes MPC plug-in instruments, insert effects, and expansion packs with tons of samples and drum hits.

37-Key Next-Gen Dynamic Keybed
MPK Mini Plus features 37 keys with the Gen 2 Dynamic Keybed for expanded melodic and harmonic creation. You get 3 full octaves for two-handed chords, arpeggiation, solos, and soundscapes on incredibly playable keys with a wide velocity range, delivering a world-class level of note dynamics and response.
Creative Live Step Sequencer / Arpeggiator
For those creative moments or DAW-less jam sessions, the onboard polyphonic 2-track step/live Sequencer captures new melodic and drum patterns on the fly. There are 8 notes of polyphony per step, 16 notes per Drum Step, and an onboard Arpeggiator, offering endless creative possibilities.
Real MPC Drum Pads
8 velocity-sensitive RGB-backlit MPC Drum Pads are the backbone for not only playing dynamic beats and programming drums, but also for assigning program changes and triggering additional CC parameters.
Assignable 360° Rotary Knobs
Dial in effects with the 8 assignable 360-rotary knobs for every function including filters, automation, pan controls, and more. Add depth and dimension to your tracks by writing precise automation.
Chords and Scales Mode
MPK Mini Plus features two modes to help simplify and accurately enhance your performances. Chords Mode plays multiple notes and inversions with a single key, and Scales Mode enables the keybed to play notes only in the selected scale. For both modes, many creative options are available along with 15 scale settings.
Transport Controls
The MPK Mini Plus has dedicated Transport Controls for total integration into your DAW. Transport Controls help you stay engaged in the creative workflow with dedicated Play, Stop, Record, Loop, and Locator buttons.
Real Pitch and Modulation Wheels
With more keys, your music will need new ways to add feel and expression, so the MPK Mini Plus adds dedicated Pitch Bend and Modulation Wheel controllers to help all keyboard performances truly come alive.
Assignable Joystick Controller
For even more expression, assign parameters to the joystick's X/Y axis and morph between effects to create unique and interesting textures in your productions. Assign up to 4 parameters to the Joystick right from the keyboard itself.
USB, 5-Pin MIDI, CV/Gate Connectors
Connect to any Class-Compliant USB or 5-pin MIDI device and use the CV/Gate connectors and Sync I/O to trigger and control your Euro-rack and other modular synths. The MPK Mini Plus is versatile enough for any musician wanting to get the most out of their favorite DAW, VST instruments and analog gear.
DAW Control Mapping
MPK Mini Plus can be mapped to your favorite DAW such as FL, Logic, and Ableton-giving you all the portable creative control you need. Take advantage of controlling your Transport, macros, mixing environments, and even writing automation for your favorite plug-in effects and instruments.
Includes MPC Beats Software DAW
Includes the powerful MPC Beats software DAW, based on the legendary MPC hardware. Turn your computer into a professional recording studio with the MPC Beats software featuring all the drum sounds, samples, plug-in instruments, and insert effects needed to create modern, professional music.

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  • Dimensions: 20.00in x 10.00in x 4.00in