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Martin Exterior 1200 Wash

Martin Exterior 1200 Wash
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Martin Exterior 1200 Wash

The Exterior 1200 series is a range of 1200 W luminaires designed for spectacular illumination of high-rise structures, bridges and landmark architecture.

Limitless Choice of Colours
The Exterior 1200 offers endless creative possibilities. With full colour mixing, the CMY system blends the primary colours Cyan, Magenta and Yellow to achieve a full spectrum of luminous colours. These colours, variable in hue and saturation, can be programmed to shift smoothly from shade to shade to create truly dynamic architecture. Further colour options are also provided on a four-colour wheel.

0-100% Intensity Control
The ability to dim metal halide output from 0-100% is appreciated by designers who want balance of brightness or the ability to allow structures and landscapes to respond intelligently to the availability of natural light.

Installation and Maintenance Ease
The Exterior 1200 has been made with low installation costs and freedom from maintenance in mind. A fully adjustable bracket allows the luminaire to be mounted from any position. A convenient service hatch with slide-out lamp assembly provides easy access for quick re-lamping and cleaning.

Self Monitoring Software
DMX controllable from an external controller or PC software, the Exterior 1200 can also operate via a built-in program or master/slave relationship. The LCD display also allows effortless diagnosis of factors such as lamp life, fan speed and temperature.

Optical Systems
A full range of optical systems from spot to flood allows for accurate and even illumination of large surfaces. Ellipsoidal beam shapers and other optical accessories provide optical control for pin-point illumination of columns, pylons and very tall structures.

Dynamic Zoom
Narrow and Medium models provide designers with a variable zoom and the possibility of varying beam angles from 7° to 19° or 12° to 29°. This offers the flexibility of re-focusing on-site in order to achieve a perfect distribution of light and colour.

Heat Exchange Cooling
Through applying the fundamental laws of heat exchange used in the automotive and other industries, the Exterior 1200 operates in the hottest environments while remaining fully sealed with an ingress protection of 65 (IP65).
Air inside the product is circulated through a sealed heat exchange that is cooled by an IP65 fan on the base of the product. The air then passes and cools critical components before absorbing heat and circulating back to the heat exchange where it is once again cooled. This process ensures safe operating temperatures while ingeniously keeping dust and pollutants out.

  • 1200 W metal halide lamp
  • CMY color mixing system
  • Dynamic zoom for variable beam angles: 8°- 16° / 12°- 26°
  • Choice of optical systems: narrow, medium, wide or very wide
  • 0-100% intensity control
  • High optical performance: uniform distribution of light and color
  • Weatherproof rating: IP65
  • DMX, stand-alone, synchronized (master/slave)
  • On-board address setting: no extra devices required
Length: 860 mm (33.9 in.)
Width: 448 mm (17.6 in.)
Height: 620 mm (24.4 in.)
Weight: 68 kg (149.9 lbs.)
Effective Projected Area (EPA): 0.6 m2

Type: 1200 W metal halide
Fitted as standard: Philips MSD 1200
Socket: G22
Control: Automatic and/or remote on/off

Dynamic Effects
Color mixing: CMY
Cyan: 0 - 100%
Magenta: 0 - 100%
Yellow: 0 - 100%
Color wheel: Red, green, blue, CTC (as standard) + open positions
Dimmer: 0 - 100%
Zoom: 8°- 16° / 12°- 26°

Control and Programming
Control options: DMX, stand-alone, synchronized (master/slave)
DMX channels: 8
Stand-alone trigger options: Internal timer and/or ambient light level
Stand-alone memory: 20 scenes
DMX address setting: MUM, onboard control panel
Stand-alone programming: MUM, onboard control panel
Protocol: USITT DMX512-A
Receiver: RS-485

Housing: Aluminum
Finish: Clear anodized
Front glass: 6 mm (0.2 in.) anti-reflection coated
Protection rating: UL wet location, main enclosure designed to IP65

Orientation: Any (air intake must face down)
Vertical aiming: +/- 90°

Power cable entry: IP68 cable gland
Power connection: Quick connectors
Data cable entry: IP68 cable gland
Data connection: RJ-45 sockets, screw terminal/quick connectors

AC power: 200/208/220/230/240/250/277 V nominal, 50/60 Hz
Main fuse: 17.5 AT (slow blow)
Ballast: Magnetic

Maximum ambient temperature (Ta max.): 45° C (113° F)
Minimum ambient temperature (Ta min.): -20° C (-4° F), power must be maintained below 0° C (32° F)
Maximum surface temperature, steady state, Ta=45° C: 70° C (158° F)
Total heat dissipation (calculated, +/- 10%): 4950 BTU/hr.
Cooling: Forced air, integrated air/air heat exchanger, IP65 barrier


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  • Brand: Martin
  • Model: exterior1200
  • Weight: 163.00lb
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