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  • Wharfedale Pro Twin 15X SUB Active

Wharfedale Pro Twin 15X SUB Active

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The Twin-X series offers a choice of four different subwoofers: the Twin -15X Sub, Twin-18 Sub, Twin 15-X Sub Active and the Twin 18X Sub Active.

All of the subwoofers in the range are compact, high efficiency, high performance, enclosures with a choice of 15" or 18" bass units. The 15X Sub and 18X Sub are also available as an active subwoofer.

The Twin-15X Sub Active and the Twin 18X Sub Active are high efficiency powered subwoofers that features a 450 Watt and 600 Watt (RMS) class A-B module respectively.

The folded bass horn subwoofer design provides nearly four times the acoustic output capacility of ported designs giving exceptional headroom and dynamic range capability.

The Twin Active Subs reflect the synergistic advantage of integrating electronic and acoustic elements into one package. The enclosure offer the ultimate in " plug and play" convenience while maximizing sonic performance.

Advanced sensing circuitry offers sonically transparent limiting and thermal driver protection for maximum reliability.


  • Powered version of TWIN 15SBX, 15" heavy duty woofers
  • 40-200Hz frequency response (+/-3dB)
  • 4 ohms system impedance
  • Four increment, 90 degree phase select control
  • Selectable crossover point at 80-100-150-200Hz
  • Rectangular enclosure
  • 600w built in power amplifier with phase and crossover point selector

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