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  • Wharfedale Pro LX-218BE Sub

Wharfedale Pro LX-218BE Sub

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Wharfedale LX 218B 2X 18" Subwoofer

Best known for their highly successful EVP-S and EVP-Powered series of loudspeakers, Wharfedale Professional are now complimenting those ranges with the launch of the new LX Series. Designed to cater for those who want more power than the current EVP ranges can offer, the LX uses superior Wharfedale components to offer a range of higher power, higher performance speakers that includes full range units, stage monitors and subwoofers - making it easy to create a system from the models available. So what’s different about the LX Series?

Designed from the ground upwards the LX range features new custom components in every cabinet. New woofers, larger format compression drivers and an elliptical wave guide horn have all been developed from scratch to offer performance and features that are usually only found on cabinets with a much higher price tag than the LX.

LX-50TD compression driver:
This unit features a larger magnet, increased power handling and a 1.4” throat exit, allowing a lower crossover frequency to be used, resulting in smoother, more controlled HF and therefore better vocals

LX 1.4EWG horn:
The benefits of this elliptical Wave Guide, featured in all the LX series full range models, is that compared to conventional rectangular horns, the elliptical Wave Guide offers superior control over HF coverage, with reduced distortion, greater output and smoother frequency response.

The elliptical shape of the horn means that there are no corners or parallel surfaces to distort, diffract or reflect the sound – therefore the output is smoother, cleaner and more consistent, again resulting in a superior vocal sound.

Custom cast frame woofers:
The woofers for the LX Series have been designed and built specifically for the new LX enclosures – they are not old designs housed in new cabinets. The increased power handling and durability of the LX is due to the new drivers featuring larger voice coils with extended excursion capability coupled with a new aluminium cast frame.

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