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Studio Headphones

AKG K182 Closed Back Monitor Headphones AKG K182 Closed Back Monitor Headphones

System Includes: • 4 x 56 Combos (Par 56 Can Kit) • 1 x LTS-6 light stand • Available in black or high polished cans ..


AKG K553 Pro Closed Back Headphones AKG K553 Pro Closed Back Headphones

Includes: 1 x Stage Setter-8 2 x XLR cables 2 x DP-41 ..


AKG K92 Closed Back Monitor Headphones AKG K92 Closed Back Monitor Headphones

FEATURES: An easy to use 16 channel DMX controller Three different operating modes: 2 x 8 (two banks of 8 channels), 8 x 8 (8 channels), 1 x 16 (one bank with 16 channels) 8 or 16 channel DMX operation Four built-in programs Eight user programmable programs Fog machine out..


Sennheiser HD8 DJ Headphones Sennheiser HD8 DJ Headphones

Take control of the club with Sennheiser’s top-of-the-line DJ model - HD8 DJ. Designed for the most demanding users and punishing pro environments, they have been developed in conjunction with some of the world’s top DJs. Acoustically, they are inspired by the legendary HD 25 and deliver an excell..


Sony MDR-7502 Studio Headphones Sony MDR-7502 Studio Headphones

50mm driver aura-nomic design, high definition driver, neodymium magnets, reversible ear cups for single side monitoring, single-sided coiled cord Audio Impedance : 24 ohms Driver Unit : 50mm Sensitivity (db) : 107dB/mW Frequency Response : 5Hz - 80,000Hz ..


Sony MDR-7506 Studio Headphones Sony MDR-7506 Studio Headphones

The MDR-7506 is a large diaphragm foldable headphone designed for professional studio and live/broadcast applications. Audio Impedance : 24 ohms Driver Unit : 50mm Sensitivity (db) : 107dB/mW Frequency Response : 5Hz - 80,000Hz Color: Black Ge..


Sony MDR-7510 Studio Headphones Sony MDR-7510 Studio Headphones

The MDR-7510 is a high-quality studio headphone for demanding pro applications, including studio and broadcast monitoring Features 50mm Driver Unit with PET Diaphragm Closed-Ear Design Wide Frequency Response High Power Handling Capacity 2,000mW Stereo Unimatch Plug Gold..


Aiaiai TMA-2 All Around Headphones Aiaiai TMA-2 All Around Headphones



Aiaiai TMA-2 Studio Headhones Aiaiai TMA-2 Studio Headhones

A must for every DJ! A/C power center designed to eliminate extension cords and messy wires 8 lighted switches on front panel 15A resetable circuit breaker on front panel Eight 120V, 3-prong plug sockets on rear of the unit Ideal for switching lights and sound equipment ..


Odyssey H01 Studio Headphones Odyssey H01 Studio Headphones

Closed back studio monitoring headphones with S-Logic ..


Ortofon O-One Studio Headphones Ortofon O-One Studio Headphones

The Ortofon O-One produces balanced, reference-grade signal output, worthy of use in critical listening situations.  The O-One, unlike other closed-back designs, was engineered to provide a precise representation of sound without coloration or inaccuracies.  This design offers audio professionals,..


Pioneer HRM-7 Studio Headphones Pioneer HRM-7 Studio Headphones

Clean sound reproduction and ultimate comfort for producers. Faithfully reproduces audio across the frequencies Features New HD driver unit faithfully reproduces frequencies of up to 40 kHz Housing designed to separate sound and eliminate background noise Better air flow and robust ..


Sennheiser HD201 Headphones Sennheiser HD201 Headphones

Great sound doesn't have to cost a fortune. These comfortable, lightweight, supra-aural headphones provide dynamic audio with crisp bass and good external noise attenuation without breaking the bank. Wearing style - Headband Color - Silver Frequency response (headphones) - 21 - 18000 Hz Sound..


Sennheiser HD280 Pro Headphones Sennheiser HD280 Pro Headphones

The HD 280 Pro is Sennheiser's most significant closed, around-the-ear headphone to be introduced in years. Designed to exceed the demands of the professional environment, the HD 280 Pro boasts extremely robust construction combined with the sound quality, modular design and aggressive noise isolati..


Sony MDR-V55 Studio Headphones Sony MDR-V55 Studio Headphones

Bring some attitude to your on-the-go music experience with these studio monitor DJ style headphones Audio Driver Unit : 40 mm Sensitivity (db) : 105 dB/mW Frequency Response : 5 Hz - 25,000 Hz Audio Features Ear Cups : Swivel, reversible for sin..


Sony MDR-ZX310AP Green Lightweight Headphones Sony MDR-ZX310AP Green Lightweight Headphones

Green Color headphones are your over-the-head headphones. The stereo headset pounds the  rock-solid audio performance, integrated mic for hands-free calling and media playback controls for easy operation 1. Not only that, they swivel and fold for maximum portability and carrying convenience. ..


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