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Digital Processors

DBX DriveRack 4820

Designed to provide incredible flexibility, sonic excellence and intuitive control for performance applications, the DriveRack 4820 is the next member of the hugely successful of the hugely successful DriveRack family. From the powerful 96 kHz DSP engine and standard analog and digital I/O, to the..


DBX ZonePRO 1260 12x6 Zone Processor

DBX 1260 12x6 Zone Processor..


DBX ZonePRO 640 6x4 Zone Processor

DBX 640 6x4 Zone Processor ..


QSC DSP3 Digital Signal Processor

DSP-3 (Digital Signal Processing) After three decades of developing pioneering audio products and systems, QSC raises the bar once again, setting a new standard in signal processing with the new DSP-3 Digital Signal Processing Module. The DSP-3's two channels of independent signal processing d..


QSC DSP30 Digital Signal Processor

Computer Configurable Digital Signal Processor Featuring intuitive PC system configuration combined with "set-and-forget" convenience, the DSP-30 unites easy-to-use, customizable, two-channel digital signal processing (DSP) with a simple preset selection interface that requires only two buttons. ..


QSC DSP4 Digital Signal Processor

DSP-4 (Digital Signal Processing) With more than three decades of experience pioneering cutting edge audio products, QSC raises the bar once again with the DSP-4 Digital Signal Processing Module. This compact module offers two channels of independent DSP and attaches to the back of most 2-channel..


QSC SC-28 Digital Signal Processor

The SC28 is a 2 input, 8 output digital system controller containing pre-programmed tunings for QSC loudspeaker systems (see list of supported loudspeakers at right). In addition to the preset tunings, the SC28 also offers user-adjustable equalization and delay. Audio inputs and outputs are via ..


Rane CP 52S Commercial Processor

The CP 52S is a versatile commercial preamplifier designed for use in restaurants, bars, health clubs and offices. The CP 52S serves one stereo Zone. One gated Paging Input and four stereo Program Inputs are provided. A Port allows expansion of Page, Program or Zone signals. Three levels of priori..


Rane CP 64S Commercial Processor

The versatility of the CP 64S allows a wide variety of system configurations while providing simple and intuitive controls. Two gated Paging Inputs capable of receiving mic or line level input are provided. Each features independent Mic/Line Pad, Gain Trim, detector Threshold, Zone Assign and Zo..


Alesis Nano Verb 2 Digital Effects Processor Alesis Nano Verb 2 Digital Effects Processor

Color your sound with 256 rich Alesis DSP programs.   Essential Effects NanoVerbâ„¢ 2 puts effects that musicians use all the time: reverb, delay, chorus and more at your fingertips with front-facing, easy-to-use controls all in a compact housing that will fit any set up. Every musician a..


DBX 286S Microphone Processor

The dbx 286s is a full featured Channel Strip Processor that delivers a studio quality microphone/instrument preamplifier and four processors that can be used independently or in any combination. Why mic up vocals and instruments through a noisy, blurry mixer? The sonically pristine dbx 286s Mic P..


Wharfedale Pro Proverb Audio Processor

Wharfedale Pro introduced a range of audio processor modules into its extensive professional audio range. Choosing from a range of equalizers, compressors and effects device for portable use or fixed installation, Wharfedale Pro processors offer high performance, solid build quality and great valu..

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