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PreSonus Central Station PLUS PreSonus Central Station PLUS

You mostly monitor on near-fields, but occasionally switch to big main speakers or a second set of near-fields. You need to be able to switch between multiple sources and want to hear what your mix sounds like with and without subwoofer. You want to monitor straight from digital sources as well as..


Rane MLM 103 Mic/Line Mixer Rane MLM 103 Mic/Line Mixer

The Rane MLM 103 Mic/Line mixer features six balanced, studio-grade microphone inputs and two balanced, stereo line-level inputs. The microphone preamplifiers feature direct outputs. These can monitor the signal ‘pre’ or ‘post’ the mix Level control via rear panel switches. Each microphone and ste..


Rane MLM 65 Mic/Line Mixer (3U) Rane MLM 65 Mic/Line Mixer (3U)

The Rane MLM 65 Mic / Line Mixer is designed for easy manual mixing of up to 6 mic/line inputs and playback of one of several stereo audio sources, including modern USB audio and old school vinyl. Simultaneous digital audio recording of the manual mix to S/PDIF, TOSLINK and/or USB audio provides a f..


Allen & Heath Xone:PB Patch Bay Allen & Heath Xone:PB Patch Bay

A 1U rack size passive interface box providing a quick and easy solution to set changes in busy club line ups. The Xone:PB is designed to simplify the task of connecting encoded vinyl replay systems to installed mixers without the need to re-patch. Features Two switchable inverse RIAA fil..


Fostex 2016 Line Mixer USED Fostex 2016 Line Mixer USED

  Model 2016 is a high performance, multi-function line mixer which will function either as a 16 IN 2 OUT mixer or two sets of 8 IN 2 OUT mixers by a selector switch.   16 Channel 1/4" and RCA Inputs 4 Aux outs and returns 2 stereo line outs ..

$150.00 $199.00

Hosa PHB265 Hosa PHB265

48-point Switchable Patchbay! Switch on front panel for convenient and quick switching to Normal/Half-normal/Non-normal. Unit is balanced when switch is in the open or de-normalled position. Unit is unbalanced when Half or Full Normalled Analog Inputs: 24 TRS front, 24 TRS rear Analog Ou..


Rane BB 44X Balance Buddy (1U) Rane BB 44X Balance Buddy (1U)

Features 2 Channels of -10 dBV (RCA) to +4 dBu (XLR) Conversion 2 channels of +4 dBu (XLR) to -10 dBV (RCA) conversion Nickel core “80” Ni transformers provide wide bandwidth & low distortion +24 dBu maximum levels Expandable to 8 channels with Option 88 accessory The Rane ..


Rane DA216S Distribution Amplifier Rane DA216S Distribution Amplifier

A, B, A&B Output Assign Switches Sixteen Balanced (Terminal) Outputs, Individually Assignable Two Low-Noise Balanced Inputs with Overload Indicators Mic/Line Input and Gain Switches: 40/60 dB Mic, 0/20 dB Line Mic Phantom Power Switch Master Input and Individual Output Level..


Rane MLM 42S Mic/Line Mixer Rane MLM 42S Mic/Line Mixer

MLM 42S Mic/Line Mixer The evolution of the entertainment industry has necessitated the creation of an outboard mic/line device to compliment existing mixing consoles. Whether you’re recording, mobile mixing, or broadcasting, there are occasional needs to expand your existing arrangement. Frust..


Rane MLM 82S Mic/Line Mixer Rane MLM 82S Mic/Line Mixer

Features Four balanced Mic/Line Inputs (XLR) with… 15V Phantom Power Bi-Color Signal Present/Overload indicators Trimless Mic Stage Preamplifiers A / A+B / B Assign Switch Four Balanced Stereo Line Inputs (TRS) with… Independent Mono switch 12 dB of Line Gain Two ..


Rane SM 26S Line Splitter Mixer Rane SM 26S Line Splitter Mixer

SM 26S Splitter Mixer Features 6 Balanced Mono Inputs, 6 Balanced Mono Outputs 2 Main Balanced Inputs, 2 Main Balanced Outputs 6 Input Level Controls and 6 Mix/Pan Controls Master Input and Output Level Controls 10 dBV to +4 dBu Shifter +4 dBu to –10 dBV Shifter Inte..


Rane SM 82S Stereo Line Mixer Rane SM 82S Stereo Line Mixer

The Rane SM 82S is a product offering incredible power and versatility. It is the equivalent of a sixteen channel mixer in one rack space. Measuring only 5.25 inches deep, it can do the job of mixers costing several times as much while only occupying a fraction of the rack space. It is ideally sui..


Rolls RM64 Four Zone Mixer Rolls RM64 Four Zone Mixer

The new ROLLS RM64 Four Zone Mixer combines two paging microphones with up to four line level source inputs. Each input is switch selected to output to any combination of four zone outputs. The outputs are all balanced XLR connectors, and a 1/4" Remote Volume jack provides each zone with the means..


Rolls RM67 Mic/Source Mixer Rolls RM67 Mic/Source Mixer

The RM67 is a single rack space mixer designed for the install/contractor market. The unit mixes three balanced microphones with four stereo sources to mono or stereo balanced outputs. The XLR Microphone Inputs have Mic/Line level switches, a send/return Insert jack, and individually switchable +1..


Samson S-Zone 4 Zone Stereo Mixer Samson S-Zone 4 Zone Stereo Mixer

The S-Zone gives system installers all the features they need to control up to four zones of audio with a compact, single-rack space unit. It features 2 balanced mic and 4 balanced aux/line inputs with a unique front panel control section that allows you to assign any of the four inputs to any of ..


Samson SM10 10Ch. Line Mixer Samson SM10 10Ch. Line Mixer

Super-convenient 10-channel Line Mixer! When you need a versatile line mixer, the new SM10 from Samson is sure to fit the bill. It features 10 channels with 1/4" stereo line inputs (switchable +4 or -10). Each channel includes a balance control, and two of the channels also offer XLR mic inputs..


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