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  • Pioneer HDJ-2000 Black USED Headphones

Pioneer HDJ-2000 Black USED Headphones

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The development of the Pioneer HDJ-2000 stems from numerous requests from top DJs around the world desiring headphones with:

  • Exceptional high-quality sound that clearly and accurately reproduces audio
  • Comfortable fit to minimize fatigue from long periods of use
  • High durability that withstands demanding conditions and touring

Accurate Sound Quality
The headphone is uniquely designed to improve sound quality and reliability perfect for use in DJ environments and studios.

  • Thick 35m Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) diaphragm improves rigidity and strength needed for better lower frequency response.
  • PET material used in the diaphragm also helps to dampen unwanted resonance.
  • Wide frequency response with high clarity and detail results from a large 50mm driver, ideal for all types of music .

Additionally, the headphones have an enclosed over-ear design with ear pads that seal around the users ears, reducing ambient noise and providing superior sound isolation for tracking in a loud club environment or a studio. The ear pads unique material, memory foam (Polyurethane foam), provides a tight yet comfortable seal, further enhancing sound reproduction especially in the mid to high frequency ranges.

Maximum Comfort for Extended Wear
The HDJ-2000s lightweight construction and soft comfortable ear pads are ideal for long listening/recording sessions and reduce the well-known phenomenon of headphone fatigue.

The headphones feature:

  • Protein Leather1 Wrapped Pads - provide durability while making long use of the headphones more comfortable.
  • Low-rebound memory foam2 - used inside the ear pads and head pad, contouring to the shape of the head and maintaining a snug fit.
  • Magnesium alloy components - used in the main body components to achieve both a lightweight and durable design to minimize stress on the users head and ensure comfortable DJ play.

Sturdy, Stylish Design and Construction
The HDJ-2000 employs a Mini XLR connection to join the main body with the nearly ten feet of cable to achieve both a quality sound connection and easy replacement. With a new i-type hinge, a smooth and integral form has been achieved that naturally fits the hands at any time during DJ performance. The headphones ear pads have a spun finish aluminum ring that matches the design of Pioneers CDJ players play/cue buttons for a cohesive stylish design.

Other Features:

  • Folding Structure: The headphones fold into a compact configuration for portability and storage.
  • Swivel Mechanism: The ear cups turn 90 degrees for more convenient single-ear or on-shoulder monitoring use. A torsion system returns the ear-cup to its normal position after each use.
  • Click Mechanism: Ear cups and hinges gently click into place to prevent inadvertent rotation or folding of the headphones during use.
  • Mono/Stereo Switch: Combines the audio signal for single-ear monitoring.
  • Carrying Bag: A soft pouch is included to protect the headphones when not in use.

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