2-3 Days OmniSistem Stinger 1G Green Laser
VERSION 2.0! Stinger 1 was introduced a year ago and rapidly became the #1 sought after low power laser projector. In keeping with our system of developing new technologies into existing products the All New Stinger 1 emerged.

The all new Stinger 1 incorporates 25 new frame based professional aerial effects. Frame based effects are normally only found in laser projectors costing thousands of dollars more. The benefit to frame based imagery is more precise control over the pattern at any given moment. We can now manipulate the pattern via X,Y, Z controls as well as freeze frame effects for stationary effects like Laser Sky.

Under DMX control you can alter al 25 of the most favorite aerial laser effects. Using the last three channels X,Y, Z axis rotation, X Axis Gain and Y Axis Offset you can create hundreds of variations. Select able with DMX or with sound activation via the LED Mode menu system "Another First from PULSE" these effects pulse, twist, and turn with the beat of the music.

The extra wide scan angle makes for incredibly wide aerial laser scans. The Stinger's images are not intended for patterns on the wall. The design of the Stinger was specifically intended for raw aerial performance that is not compromised by constraints of systems designed for on screen images. Stinger 1 Series can easily target bounce mirrors and remote effects as well as strategically place laser effects for the total aerial laser beam and scanning show!

  • 25 New Patterns
  • Green Color Control
  • DMX-512 (8-Channels)
  • Stand-Alone Sound Activated
  • Y-Axis Offset
  • X-Axis Gain
  • Y-Axis Rotation of Effects
  • X-Axis Rotation of Effects
  • Z-Axis Rotation
  • Pattern Speed
  • Pattern Hold

Dimensions: (LxWxH) 18.7"x 8" x 8.5"
50/60 Hz

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OmniSistem Stinger 1G Green Laser

  • Product Code: STINGER-1G
  • Availability: 2-3 Days
  • $699.00

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