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  • Numark DDS-80 Dual CD Player

Numark DDS-80 Dual CD Player

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Needs Power Supply DC 12V 2000MA

DDS80 blends a familiar professional DJ CD player with new media formats and devices. The CD player features convenient USB ports for connection of modern media devices such as thumb and hard drives, iPods, MP3 players; and an included 80GB removable/upgradeable hard drive stores a limitless library of music. You can rip your music straight from CD to the hard drive for the security of a backup.

DDS80’s unique blend of media with a high-definition color screen and Numark’s intuitive Crate music-management software give the mobile DJ incomparable visual control of their music. Carefully crafted around the way DJs work and play, DDS80 takes the questions out of mixing media formats and puts the answers back in the hands of the DJ.

A number of Numark DJ technologies are built-into DDS80 to ensure that your gigs are always fun. Key Lock enables independent control of pitch and tempo so Cold Sweat will never sound like it's being sung by Alvin and Chipmunks – unless you want it to. You can move pitch all the way from -100% up to +25% and anywhere in-between. Beatkeeper™ seamlessly integrates your samples and loops and it has a tap-override function so you're always in control. You can play music from two devices simultaneously, including two songs from the same iPod! You can scratch CDs, MP3s, WAVs, and AACs (unprotected) using the large jog wheels.

DDS80 ensures fast track access as a CD player, and when using the hard disk section, you can locate tunes even faster using text-search. You can easily expand and connect DDS80 to any USB music storage device using the two front-panel USB ports.

DDS80 fits standard 19-inch equipment racks. It occupies 5RU total, or can be separated into a 3RU DDS controller and a 2RU DDS Drive.

DDS80 is a powerhouse, cutting-edge CD player that combines the rock-solid DJ performance of a traditional DJ CD player with the forward-looking media compatibility of hard drive and USB connections.

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