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Martin SmartMAC 150 Watt Moving head

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The smartMAC is a 150 W moving head profile that outperforms many of its 250 W rivals and offers unprecedented reliability, longer service intervals, total silence and smaller power bills.

The smartMAC is an extremely bright profile light and image projector, the most efficient profile luminaire available in its class.

Brighter light for less
The brightest luminaire in its class, the 150 W fixture even outperforms many of its 250 W rivals. Superbly optimized optics provides very precise image quality and great depth of field, with excellent center-to-edge beam uniformity that keeps the image sharp.

The variable focus system lets you adjust image sharpness at any projection distance or create de-focused background effects. At 25°, the cut-off angle is higher than for other comparable products, allowing for a greater projection diameter at shorter distances.

Use for applications requiring silent operation
Versatile and ideally suited for indoor venues and bars, smartMAC also performs silently without fan noise, and is perfect for environments that require total silence such as conference rooms, auditoriums, the theatre, TV studios, lounges, restaurants, hotel receptions, and shops.

In addition to the black casing, the smartMAC is also available with the casing in white. The white model is less conspicuous on light-colored surfaces and in architectural environments and commercial applications.

Great lamp economy
High energy efficiency and reduced heat output mean savings on power bills – both for running smartMAC and with room air conditioning. Efficient lighting means substantial cost savings. The long-life 150 W discharge lamp delivers a 44% lumen output, equating to the highest lumen per watt ratio in the 150-250 W class. This exceeds in brightness what others achieve with 250 W and for you that means smaller power bills.

With smartMAC, the lamp performs in a clean environment that optimizes lamp life. Depending on the environment and lamp type, you get up to two years between lamp replacements – and the lamp is quick and easy to replace. The long life (3000 hours) MSD 150/2 lamp is standard, and a very long life (9000 hours) CDM 150 lamp is also available.

Customized image projection
Change color filters and gobos easily without tools simply by lifting the dedicated cover – this is a unique, patent pending Martin solution that lets you customize gobos for private parties, create your own unique mood, or throw your logo or name on any surface.

The smartMAC also has a fast shutter for instant or fade control of light intensity, strobe effects, and auto or music-triggered color and gobo effects. With hundreds of possible combinations from the pre-programmed pan/tilt and effects macros, smartMAC is ready to entertain. Access the macros via DMX or the onboard control panel.

Preinstalled gobos and color wheel
The smartMAC comes with its own unique set of pre-installed glass and metal gobos, designed for stages, dance floors, or venues. All gobos can be continuously rotated or indexed to any required and repeatable position. The color wheel has eight interchangeable color filters plus open, with full and split positions, offering a broad spectrum of colors.

Longer service intervals
The thermal management technology uses the aluminum casing and specially-designed fins to conduct heat away from the head, keeping the front of the luminaire cool and offering unprecedented reliability. No dust and pollutants, fewer moving parts and greater energy efficiency offer significant savings in cleaning and maintenance.

With no fans, smartMAC has fewer moving parts and turns a greater proportion of energy into light, reducing heat and wear and tear on the system. This means that smartMAC holds its value and offers great resale value, in addition to savings on your total investment over the product lifetime.

Compact fit and clever cable management
The smartMAC is incredibly easy to install. The special mounting and bracket system significantly reduces installation costs and labor time, with the provision of a secondary fixing for safety. The low installation height and the small footprint make smartMAC ideal for venues with low ceilings.

The smartMAC cleverly collects the cables in an easy to access port in the base. Simply click the lid into place to cover all cable connections.


  • 150 W discharge lamp
  • 8 interchangeable color filters plus open
  • Motorized focus
  • 6 indexable rotating gobos plus open
  • Fadeable, strobe effect up to 9 Hz, pulse effects, instant open and blackout
  • Pan and tilt range of 540°/257°
  • No fan - silent operation
  • Mounting points are 2 pairs of 1/4 turn locks

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