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American DJ Galaxian 3D Mk2 Laser American DJ Galaxian 3D Mk2 Laser

The American DJ Galaxian 3D MKII features case design, dynamic programs, and effects. It has a 30mW green and 80mW red laser beams that rotate back and forth creating amazing aerial effects on a ceiling, wall, or projected over a crowd. The Galaxian 3D MKII is suitable for small clubs or the enter..


American DJ Micro Image RGB Laser American DJ Micro Image RGB Laser

Bring Pure Lighting Excitement to any party with the ADJ Micro Image RGB. This laser produces 25 exciting red, green and blue geometric laser patterns from its 15 built-in programs. Like the other ADJ Micro Lasers, the Micro Image RGB has a compact case with a scissor yoke and includes a RF wirele..


American DJ Micro Sky Laser American DJ Micro Sky Laser

Liven up any party with the ADJ Micro Sky! This portable green laser produces a brilliant “Liquid Sky” type effect that can be projected on a ceiling, wall or above a crowd on a dance floor The Micro Sky is easy-to-use – just plug it in and run the laser’s built-in 15 programs and 25 pattern..


American DJ Royal 3D II Laser American DJ Royal 3D II Laser

The ADJ Royal 3D II offers intelligent laser features and a new case design, along with new dynamic programs that will light up that dance flow. Get your show going quickly with 15 exciting built-in programs that can run in sound active mode, so you don't have to do the programming. We know that a..


American DJ Royal Sky - Green and Violet Blue Laser

The American DJ Royal Sky features one 30mW green and one 350mW violet blue laser that creates 20 patterns and features an amazing “Liquid Sky” effect when projected over a crowd. Perfect for small clubs or the entertainer on the go! Just turn it on and let it run in sound active mode through e..


Chauvet Scorpion Bar RG Chauvet Scorpion Bar RG

Chauvet DJ Scorpion Bar RG Quad-beam Aerial Effect Laser Scorpion Bar RG is an array laser fixture that creates dynamic aerial effects using variance-free Fat Beam technology. The single bar unit features four ultra bright lasers creating stunning mid-air patterns in red and in green. Rugged ..


Martin RGB Laser 1.6

use and beneficial for speedy setups and shows on the fly. Control The unit can be controlled with any standard DMX controller using very reliable 5-pin XLR connectors. The demo of the laser can also be done from the display, without any need for a PC or any other controller. The fixture..


OmniSistem Laser Glove - Red

The battery-powered OmniSistem Laser Glove lets you shoot red laser beams from your fingers. Available for right and left hand. One size fits all. Features: Glove with 4 lasers directed from your fingers 4.95mW laser diodes Class IIIR laser Battery operated Laser power: 4..


OmniSistem Magic Box MC

MAGIC BOX 4.95mW Multicolor Sensational display of green, red and yellow color! This unit has 2 Laser Diodes, one 4.95mW Green and one 4.95mW Red. Advanced color mixing technology generates perfect yellow effects. Features 45 preset laser geometric patterns/effects including liquid sky, tunnel and ..


OmniSistem Rocket Red/Green Laser 4.95mW

ROCKET II 4.95mW RED GREEN Solid dual color performance! This unit comes with two 4.95mW Red and two 4.95mW Green laser diodes to create searing pencil-thin beam effects. Laser heads can be adjusted manually. Suitable for small disco/club and mobile DJ. Operation: DMX512 (1 channel), Stand A..


OmniSistem Rocket System - Green

4.95mW RED Beam Projector w/ 4 ea 4" Bounce Mirrors1 Rocket Laser GREEN unit 4 4-inch bounce mirrors - (First surface silver coated, 3 axis gimbal adjustable, hanging bracket included) This unit Rocks! Equipped with four G..


OmniSistem Rocket System - Red/Green

4.95mW Red/Green Beam Projector w/ 4 ea 4" Bounce Mirrors- (DMX/SA, M/S)1 Rocket Laser RED unit 4 4-inch bounce mirrors - (First surface silver coated, 3 axis gimbal adjustable, hanging bracket included)Solid dual color per..


OmniSistem Starburst RGB Laser OmniSistem Starburst RGB Laser

The Starburst RGB has three high-power laser diodes, a 120mW Red, a 50mW Green and a 380mW Blue. With the help of a diffraction mirror hundreds of laser beams are created and no variance is required. Controlled via DMX-512, sound active or stand alone with numerous pre-programmed patterns the S..


OmniSistem Stinger 1B Blue Laser

ell as strategically place laser effects for the total aerial laser beam and scanning show! FEATURES:28 New Patterns Blue Color Control DMX-512 (7-Channels) Stand-Alone Sound Activated Y-Axis Offset X-Axis Gain Y-Axis Rotation of Effects X-Axis Rotation of Effects Z-Axis Rotation Patter..


OmniSistem Stinger 1G Green Laser

VERSION 2.0! Stinger 1 was introduced a year ago and rapidly became the #1 sought after low power laser projector. In keeping with our system of developing new technologies into existing products the All New Stinger 1 emerged. The all new Stinger 1 incorporates 25 new frame based professional aeri..


American DJ Fusion FX Bar 5

  The American DJ Fusion FX Bar 5, a member of the popular Fusion Series, has three effects built into one unit. It features a TRI Color LED Moonflower, LED Strobe effect and an ADJ “Galaxian Style” red and green laser. Users can activate this effect by Sound Activation, linking them in a Mas..


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