Effect Lighting

Effect Lighting
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ADJ Jellyfish IR - Moonflower Effect Light 2-3 Days

ADJ Jellyfish IR - Moonflower Effect Light

The ADJ Jellyfish IR is a unique Moonflower effect with a clear plastic case that offers two effects..


ADJ Micro 3D II - Laser 2-3 Days

ADJ Micro 3D II - Laser

Light up any party with the Micro 3D II laser. This green and red laser produces more than 200 beams..


Chauvet Scorpion Storm FX RGB Laser

Scorpion™ Storm FX RGB is a tri-colored laser light that creates a star field effect of multi-c..


ADJ Starburst RGBAW

Possibly the most futuristic of the new Startec Series effects, the Starburst is a rotating “futu..


Chauvet FXpar 3 Strobe Effect Light

FXpar 3 is a compact effect par with multiple technologies in a single fixture. It includes 3 x 8W..


OmniSistem Delirium 575 2-3 Days

OmniSistem Delirium 575

Sound activated, dichroic filters, multiple beams. ..


OmniSistem Hypnotic HQI 2-3 Days

OmniSistem Hypnotic HQI

Color effect w/ fiber optics and changing colors. 6000 hr. lamp. ..


OmniSistem Laser Glove - Red 2-3 Days

OmniSistem Laser Glove - Red

The battery-powered OmniSistem Laser Glove lets you shoot red laser beams from your fingers. Av..


OmniSistem Magic Box MC

MAGIC BOX 4.95mW Multicolor Sensational display of green, red and yellow color! This unit has 2 Las..


OmniSistem Mantis Light 2-3 Days

OmniSistem Mantis Light

Flat mirror effect, 8 color and gobo patterns + clear + blackout, shutter/strobe, DMX. ..


OmniSistem Octopus 2-3 Days

OmniSistem Octopus

8 beams, eight preprogrammed steps & blackout, controller & cable included ..


OmniSistem Par 64 Black UL (w/out bulb) 2-3 Days

OmniSistem Par 64 Black UL (w/out bulb)

OmniSistem Par 64 Black UL (BULB NOT INCLUDED)..


OmniSistem Rocket Green Laser 4.95mW 2-3 Days

OmniSistem Rocket Green Laser 4.95mW

ROCKET II 4.95mW RED GREEN Solid dual color performance! This unit comes with two 4.95mW Red and ..


OmniSistem Rocket System - Green 2-3 Days

OmniSistem Rocket System - Green

4.95mW RED Beam Projector w/ 4 ea 4" Bounce Mirrors1 Rocket Laser GREEN unit 4 4-inch bounce mirror..