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JBL SMS1-WH Active Soundzone 4 Speaker System

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The affordable SMS1 Soundzone Music System is a complete business music system which is ideal for background or foreground music applications such as retail stores, restaurants and other businesses. Fully self-contained with four satellite speakers, the SMS1 base station contains power amplification for all speakers, a controller for a music source and for one announcing microphone, and a subwoofer for providing full range, clear natural sound.

SMS1 is a quick-install, easy to use system for businesses with up to 2500 square feet. This system is intended for companies who want their locations to sound as good as they look. Even with its small size, the SMS1 Soundzone Music System delivers full fidelity music and clear paging with audio quality that customers expect from JBL.

Business patrons are becoming accustomed to hearing great music quality in their homes, in their cars and in movie theaters. Customers expect the same high quality sound in business environments. At the same time, businesses have discovered the value of high quality music to their image and their bottom line. SMS1 Business Music System makes it easy to get premium performance in business environments, while at the same time being very easy for end-users to operate.

SMS1 is as Versatile as it is Practical

SMS1 as a Standalone System
The SMS1 is all you need for many applications. This self-contained business music system can provide quality audio for businesses up to 2500 square feet, delivering full fidelity music and clear paging.

SMS1 Systems in Multiples
Larger areas can be covered by using two or more SMS1 systems

Using SMS1 with a Soundzone Controller
For sound systems requiring more than one music source, or requiring some more advanced engineered capabilities (such as emergency override, music-on-hold send, music priority automatic override settings, etc), but not requiring additional loudness, the SMS1 system can be used in conjunction with the JBL Z32S or Z21S Soundzone Business Music Controllers.

SMS1-Sub By Itself
The SMS1-Sub, with included controller and power amplifier, can be utilized without the satellite speakers for augmenting the bass capability of a larger JBL Control Contractor in-ceiling or on-wall speaker system.

Driving Other Satellite Speakers - The SMS1-Sub can be set to drive different satellite speakers, such as the new JBL Control 24C/CT Micro In-Ceiling loudspeaker

Box dimensions 32" l x 18" h x 23" w. 68 lbs.

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