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Moving Mirror

ADJ Vizi Scan LED Pro ADJ Vizi Scan LED Pro

The Vizi Scan LED Pro is a high performance DMX Scanner that features two effects in one: A hard edge spot beam or a frost (wash) effect! This fixture is powered by a high output 50W long life LED source (6500°K, 60,000 hr.) with a low power draw of 130W.   This unit is compact & light weight..


Martin WIZARD Extreme (100-130V and 200-240V) Martin WIZARD Extreme (100-130V and 200-240V)

FEATURES:250-watt discharge lamp (200 hour life)13 gobosMore than 80 magical light beams7 colors 2 white8-split colors possibleContinuous color scrollTwinke effectAdjustable focusSeparate shutter for fast strobeDMX or stand-alone mode..


OmniSistem E-Scan 250 Scanner/Strobe Effect OmniSistem E-Scan 250 Scanner/Strobe Effect

Flat mirror scanner effect, 7 colors+white, 7 rotating gobos+open, DMX-512 (6 channels), Shutter/Strobe. ..


OmniSistem OmniScan HQI 150 OmniSistem OmniScan HQI 150

19 gobos 24 colors 16 built-in programs ..


OmniSistem OmniScan HQI RG OmniSistem OmniScan HQI RG

FEATURES:6 interchangeable rotating gobos 4 fixed gobos 7 dichroic colors + white Rotocolor with 4 different speeds Strobe effect w/variable speed Adjustable beam focus..


OmniSistem RotoScan DMX 512 OmniSistem RotoScan DMX 512

Intelligent effect, 12 gobos, 10 dichroic colors...


OmniSistem RotoScan HTI RG OmniSistem RotoScan HTI RG

6 Rotating, 4 Fixed Gobos, 8 Colors, strobe, DMX and built-in programs...


OmniSistem Sky-Scan OmniSistem Sky-Scan

Sky Scan The Sky Scan is by far the most advanced laser sky and aerial scanner developed to date. With an incredible 120 ° scan angle and a 3:1 projection ratio, one can now literally create scanned laser aerial effects wall to wall in most venues. Combine up to 3 Sky-Scans on a Q-Beam projector for..


Chauvet LX-10 Effect Lighting Chauvet LX-10 Effect Lighting

The LX10™ is an updated version of the ZX-10 moonflower fixture from CHAUVET. The unit retains the sleek allure and scanning mirror of the ZX-10, but pairs them with LED technology. The LX10™ mirror scans 180° with sound and rotating functions, and features an additional power output for daisy-..


OmniSistem Moon OmniSistem Moon

Flat mirror effect, 9 dichroic colors + white + rainbow effect, 7 rotating gobos, DMX...


OmniSistem Panda II Scanner OmniSistem Panda II Scanner

Flat mirror effect, 14 dichroic colors & gobos + white + rainbow effect, shutter/strobe, DMX. POWER: 117V/60Hz LAMP: OSRAM EFR 15V 150W Color Temperature: 3200°K Socket: GZ6.35 Manufacturer's Rated Lamp Life: 50 Hours COLORS AND GOBOS: 14 combined dichroic colors and gobos plus whit..


OmniSistem Rebus W353 OmniSistem Rebus W353

rces, projects a great quantity of highly coloured light beams, filling every corner of the room it’s installed in. Its beams have random music-sync movement. The unit’s astonishing effect is mainly created by the two mirror-covered rollers and the use of dichroic filters which brightly colour the r..


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