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Inno Fader

InnoFader InnoBender InnoFader InnoBender

The Innobender is an Innofader with added special adapters designed to allow the Innofader to fit into extremely tight spaces. Currently we have done extensive testing and know the Innobender can fit into the following MIDI controller and mixer models: Vestax VCI-300 Traktor S.4 Pioneer DJM-4..


InnoFader Original InnoFader Original

This is the original Innofader designed to fit most VCA mixers on the market. ..


InnoFader PNP for DJM, DNX Mixers InnoFader PNP for DJM, DNX Mixers

This is the new PNP version Innofader which will take the place of the original Innofader. Purchase the Innofader PNP if: 1) You want to save cost. 2) You have a VCA mixer or controller which is Innofader PNP compatible. 3) The future mixers where you plan on using the Innofader PNP are also..


InnoFader Pro for VCA Mixers - DJM800, TTM56/57 InnoFader Pro for VCA Mixers - DJM800, TTM56/57

****New Innofader Pros with red stickers on the box and Innofader PNPs are compatible with BOTH the Pioneer DJM-800 and DJM-900 mixers. All parts needed for installation are included.**** Purchase the Innofader Pro if: 1) You have a mixer with an analog, non-VCA fader. 2) You want an option t..


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