2-3 Days Focusrite iTrack Dock Studio Pack

The iTrack Dock Studio Pack from Focusrite is a kit designed to provide you with the tools to make professional iPad recordings. Included in the kit is an iPad audio interface with two microphone pre-amplifiers, a large diaphragm CM25 condenser microphone with stand clip, HP60 closed-back headphones, a 9.8' XLR cable, and a USB cable.

To start recording on iPad with quality 24-bit audio and sample rates of up to 96kHz, dock your iPad, connect the microphone and headphones, plug your instruments in, and hit record. The halos around the gain knobs turn from green to red if you get too loud, while the high headroom instrument input helps you get a clean recording. The large diaphragm condenser microphone is ideal for recording vocals and comes with an XLR lead and stand clip, so you can set up straight away. The professional closed-back headphones are designed to block out any distracting outside noise while you record and mix performances.

  • Precision converters transform your live performance into studio-quality 24-bit resolution digital audio, with sample rates of up to 96kHz and a dynamic range of over 105 dB
  • Features two high quality line level inputs so you can plug synthesizers, drum machines or any other line level device in as well
  • Rings of light around the input gain controls turn from green to red if you get too loud
  • Allows you to charge your iPad, power a USB device and integrate with almost any class compliant USB MIDI controller, all without any USB hubs or camera connection kits
  • Features a large control knob and dedicated headphone level controls to help you set suitable output level
  • Download Tape, the Focusrite iPad recording app

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Focusrite iTrack Dock Studio Pack

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