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Blizzard Lighting

Blizzard Lighting Blade Runner RGBW Blizzard Lighting Blade Runner RGBW

Ultra-Sharp Beam, Quad Mini Moving Head Fixture! At last, the ultimate moving head multi-beam light fixture series has arrived with the BladeRunner™ series, quad-head mini moving head fixtures!  These fixtures are perfect for mobile DJ’s and bands alike, and can also be an impressive addition to..


Blizzard Lighting Nova RGBW Blizzard Lighting Nova RGBW

NOVA™ is a sight to see, it is capable of many features such as mind bending pulsating effects, rotating narrow LED beams, split beam colors, mesmerizing 5°-40° beam spread fluctuation from slow to blazing fast speeds. Nova™ is capable of providing fast and precise 540° pan + 250° tilt speeds from..


Blizzard Lighting Switchblade X3 Blizzard Lighting Switchblade X3

With an amazingly bright white 10-watt LED on each of its three moving heads, the SwitchBlade™ X3 triple mini moving head LED fixture with razor-sharp 2° beams. You can take control of all the possible features of the SwitchBlade™ X3 directly by using its large LED 4-button control panel or via 21..


Blizzard Lighting Komply DMX Blizzard Lighting Komply DMX

Low voltage DMX Decoder (12/24VDC). The Kontrol™ DMX converts to the universal standard DMX512/1990 signal into analog signal. Uses 4 channels and can also be used to dim single color with 256 shades of brightness. Specifications: Operating temperature: -20 to 50 C Indoor (dry location) ..


Blizzard Lighting LB Par Hex RGBAW+UV Blizzard Lighting LB Par Hex RGBAW+UV

The LB Par Hex With 12x 15-watt RGBAW+UV 6-in-1 LEDs fixtures give you the ability to create any rich, vibrant color you can possibly imagine, then you can even add ultraviolet light to the mix to give it an eerie hue. Maybe create a custom scene with some beautiful, slow color fades leading into ..


Blizzard Lighting LB Par Quad RGBA Blizzard Lighting LB Par Quad RGBA

Introducing the newest, super-cool RGBA 4-in-1 LED PAR can that is unique, bright, and packed with features; meet the LB-Par Quad™ RGBA. These fixtures are specifically designed to keep up with the rigorous demands of life on the road! Whether you are a mobile DJ, in a working band, or just wa..


Blizzard Lighting SafeKable Cable Blizzard Lighting SafeKable Cable

29” rigging aircraft-type cable with plastic covering for protection and ease of use. It has a spring-loaded quick release connector and a >700lb. load capacity. Overall length with connectors is a The Blizzard SafeKable™ safety cable is an 29” rigging aircraft-type cable with plastic covering f..


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