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Power Supplies / Adapters

Power Supplies / Adapters

Power Supplies & Adapters

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Numark 9V 1.3A AC Adaptor

Replacement power supply for the Numark Mixers: iM1, DXM-01, DXM-01USB, DXM-03, DXM-06, DXM-09, ..



4 Channels A/C Power Center designed to eliminate messy cables. 4 Lighted power switches on the fron..


Hosa PWC-143 IEC cable 2-3 Days

Hosa PWC-143 IEC cable

Hosa Grounded 3-Wire Power Cable (3 ft.). ..


Hosa PWC-425 IEC 25 14G

Hosa PWC-425 at a Glance AC Replacement Power Cord Black 25 ft   Th..


Hosa PWC-450 IEC 50 14G

Power Cord, IEC C13 to NE MA 5-15P Conductor: 14 AWG x 3 OFC Ampacity: 15 A Rating 12..


Korg Volca Power Supply

The Korg Volca Power Supply is a 9V, 1700mA power adapter specifically for your Korg Volca Series ..


Numark 10V 500MA Power Adapter

10V500MA AC power adapter for the following Numark Mixers DM1000X DM 1001 DM1002X DM1002MK2 ..


Numark 12V 2.0 A Power Supply

12V 2.0A 24WATT OUTPUT Power Supply for the following: Numark NS6 Numark N4 Numark 4TRAK N..


Numark 9V 500MA AC Adaptor

Replacement power supply for the Numark DM950, DM950USB, M1 and M1USB mixers. Part# TF41023201U ..


Numark IDJ Power Supply 9V AC 2.8 A 2-3 Days

PreSonus 16V Power Supply

16V Power supply for ALL 1/3 & 1/2 space products For the BlueTube V1, BlueTube DP, HP4 V1, Tube..


Roland PSA120S-2 2-3 Days

Roland PSA120S-2

The PSA-120S-2 is the recommended power supply for products including all new BOSS Compact an..